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About Sheep Meadow Farm

Sheep Meadow Farm is located in Danville, Vermont. We have a mixed flock of Katahdin and Dorset cross sheep.  The sheep and lambs are raised on hay and pasture as much as possible and are supplemented as needed with minerals and grain.   

Katadhin sheep are a hair sheep, which means they shed their hair in the spring.  They come in a range of colors and are a good sheep for producing meat that has good flavor and texture.  Even though they don't get as wooly as other breeds, they handle winters really well, and stay cooler in the summer.   Jascha raises these lambs on pasture until they are an ideal weight, usually 7-12 months.  

The sheep are moved to a new pasture daily,   By moving them daily, they are getting the best grass and their chances of getting parasites are much lower.  This reduces the need to deworm them, keeps the lambs healthier and reduces the worms resistance to commercial dewormers.  

These management practices keep the sheep healthy and happy.  

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